Jarren Barboza has been on our radar for all of last year, due to him always popping up on our Instagram feed murdering parks/ street.  When DeMarcus Paul reached out to put in a few kind words for him, we had to jump on it and get Jarren the full War Horse kit.  Since then, Jarren has been awesome to work with; super chill and always motivated to get out to contests and kill whatever he’s riding.  We finally got with Jarren on a few things in this mini interview.  Hopefully this will get him on your radar and get to know him a bit better.  Photos: J.Cobbs. 

What originally got you into riding or pushed you to start taking riding more serious?
I’ve always had a bike I feel like. When I was 12 or so I started riding the skatepark in my town back in Massachusetts, I’ve been hooked ever since. As for taking it serious, I still don’t take it too serious. I ride everyday and set goals for myself but I try not to stress over anything too much.

When you first started out, what rider did you look up to or got you pumped to ride? What pro riders do you look up to now?
Chad Kerley was a big influence in my younger days. I’m into a lot of people’s riding though. Top 5 would be Dennis, Garrett, DeMarcus, Chad and Sean Ricany.. Those dudes are constantly killing it.

You first got on our radar through DeMarcus Paul putting in a good word for you. How did you get to know DeMarcus?
Yeah Demarcus is the man. When I first moved to San Diego around 2014 I met him at Clairemont skatepark. Fast forward a year later I started seeing him around more and we got to know each other. He hooked me up with one of his older War Horse frames and I’ve been riding one ever since.

From seeing your Instagram, looks like you ride with a lot of local pros like DeMarcus, Garret, and a slew of others. Does that usually push you to charge harder or do you chill and watch what they’re doing?
I guess it depends. At times I definitely just sit down and take notes haha. But watching them gets me pumped to try something new.

Originally thought you were more of a street rider, but you’ve been getting out there more lately going to the Born and Raised park contests too. What do you normally prefer to ride; park or street?
Yeah the Born and Raised contests are always fun. When I’m home I usually ride more street though. Something about cruising downtown with the homies feels better than being in a skatepark. I definitely have days where I want to go session a plaza too, guess it depends on how I’m feeling that day.

What trips you out about coming up in the industry now (sponsored rider), and seeing certain things you never got to see or experience?
Just meeting all of the people I’ve looked up to growing up. It’s still pretty surreal to me. Also just having support from such sick companies. Super thankful!

Do you have any trips going on or filming anything that we’ll be able to see soon?
No trips planned as of right now. For video projects I have an AllDayBmxShop video coming out, a section in Volume 3 and PeepGame is also working on a DVD that I’ll have a section in!

Follow Jarren: @jarrenbarboza