The Finer Things Update!

Might seem like things have been pretty quiet on the DVD front lately…what’s going on with the video? When will it be done? When can I see it? Continue reading to find out all those answers, look at some dope photos, & more…
So, earlier on in the year we announced that we’d most likely be premiering the video at Texas Toast in October. For those of you who know anything about the process behind making a BMX video, you’ll already know that things pretty much never go as planned. I’d go as far as saying if shit worked out perfectly in your favor 40% of the time, you’re killin’ it. The point being, we’re definitely just not ready yet.

The good news however is that we are close to wrapping up filming. Even though we aren’t doing the Toast premiere anymore, we’re still pretty much treating filming like it does in fact need to be done by Toast to kinda give everyone the extra time needed to complete their sections. With that being the somewhat official deadline, we’re hoping to have the DVD premiering & available for purchase in early December.

Without really giving too much away, here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect this winter. That’s all I got for ya right now…so in the mean time, re-watch the trailer, make one of those your wallpaper, and keep following along with what we’re up to on Instagram daily @VolumeBikes #WatchTheFinerThings. All photos by Joey Cobbs. Over and out.



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