The Finer Things: A Finer Sunday With Krejmas & Broc.

On a mission for Krejmas and Broc enders we set off into the deepest depths of industrial Los Angeles as well as another undisclosed location to try to achieve said clips. The first spot ended up being a lovely police experience thanks to the random hero who thought we were loading stolen bikes into our van, and called. We got the ol’ wink wink nudge nudge from one of the nicer cops to drive around the block and return after his parter left…we took the bait. After getting really close to pulling it unfortunately Krejmas rolled his ankle pretty bad and we were forced to abort mission. Broc’s thing on the other hand went great…not to say is wasn’t a struggle for him, but still great. I’m really hyped on that clip especially because it has all the appropriate ender elements: great setup, great spot use/trick selection, flawless execution. Check out some photos from the day. CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY.



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