Volume In AZ: Day 1.

So we’re out here in Tempe staying with Arizona’s finest spot tour guide/ backwards ice pimp, Drew Hosselton. As Broc Raiford and myself have never been to this neck of the woods before, day one served as a prime opportunity to scope out what our surroundings have to offer…and also as a crucial weaning period into the steady 105+ temperatures to come this week. Despite the heat we actually managed to get quite a few things done and ride some pretty unique set-ups in true Arizona fashion.
Check out what we got into after the jump!

Heading out with ship captain Joey Cobbs.

Street dreamin’ with Broc, Drew, and Bobby Kanode.

This one didn’t quite work out but I’m sure drew will be back for it sooner than later.

Skate stoppers don’t stop Drew, they only make spots more interesting.

Hoss the boss clipplin up on a parking garage over-hang, snapped by the best photo poacher in the game, Bobby Kanode. Follow Bobby on Instagram at bkanode.

Joey may or may not have got a dope photo of a feeble, but Kanode snapped the crook…

Broc marking his territory…



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