Tea & Biscuits Tour Days 8 & 9.

We started out the day with a drive from Brighton up to Hastings to visit Source BMX Shop & have a ride in their ridiculously sweet backyard setup and indoor bowl. The crew were really loving this interesting use of space and we managed to get a quick session in before it started raining…

Posted outside the shop.

Broc and Stevie in the middle of a game of skate in the bowl.

Come night time we headed over to the 4Down/Etnies private park. Stevie and Broc were really going off and having a great time. We even managed some rad clips too which were really just icing on the cake considering how much fun we all had. Huge thanks to James Cox, Dean Hearne, and Ian Morris for letting us ride!

The final stop was at one of the best shops in all of England, Crucial BMX. I had met the Scott the owner a while ago back in Cali, so it was awesome to see him again and see his shop in person. Scott and the entire staff were super welcoming and showed us a great time…thanks guys!

Our very official tea & biscuits stand…very popular place to be as usual.


Poster shine.



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