Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 7.

Day 7 started off with an awesome morning of sight seeing and driving thru the English countryside to our destination of Haytor Rock. It was quite the easy hike and had an amazing view at the top. More photos below..

Hiking up.

Some relaxing and taking in the view before saddling up for a 4 1/2 hour drive up to Brighton.

After much fast food and much more sleeping we finally made it to Brighton BMX shop in the late afternoon.

After meeting up with the shop dudes we headed over to ‘The Level’ park which is a classic wooden outdoor park that is only a hop and a skip from the shop. Broc and Stevie wasted no time going off with flairs, rail nose manuals to bar, big trucks to flat…etc. The locals…as everywhere we’ve been really…were super cool and welcoming.

Sunset burger & sausage session at the park. Thanks to Bob at Brighton BMX Shop for the good times!



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