Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 6.

After a relaxing nights sleep at the Forte Brother’s houses, we headed over to Kye’s shop Pro Cycle Center in Newton Abbot to shred with everyone. This is by far one of the coolest indoor ramp setups I’ve ever seen, and we all had a blast riding it. Shop staff were super cool and hooked it up with a bunch of sweet munchies, coffee, and tea…of course. More below…

Hucker, Broc, and Stevie relaxing after a good session.

After the shop, Kyle and Leo took us to this awesome restaurant on the river for a much needed real meal.

Leave it to Hucker and Stevie to take a nice dinner and turn it into a farting at the table festival. Hucker ended up pushing one a little too hard and shit his pants right at the table. Instead of throwing his underwear away, he simply wiped the poop off, and threw them around the van shortly before this photo was taken….look close.

We all got quite a kick out of this photo because Stevie looks like he’s mentally challenged, and that Broc and Myself were his care givers for the day…

After the restaurant we headed to a Cider only bar, where we all drank some pretty dank beverages and played some classic arcade games….i think I spent at least a half hour on Mario Bros….awesome time. Huge thanks again goes out to Kye and Leo for all the hospitality!



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