Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 4.

On Saturday we headed down to London for the Dub BMX Jam. The weather unfortunately was not on our side, but that didn’t stop everyone from throwing down at the banks spot under the overhang. The out-ledge in particular got the most of it, with insane tricks and lines. Stevie absolutely killed it and wowed everyone with his burly & technical consistency, even when the floor was soaking wet. More tales from the day below…

So, rewind a few hours and a few less clouds…and here’s how our day actually started off. We headed out from sunny skies and warm temperatures in Oxford, down the freeway en route to the jam. While in a patch of traffic Russ noticed this here mini cooper enthusiast had just thrown a bunch of garbage out the window. We pulled up on his passenger side and Russ doused his girlfriend with an orange beverage thru her open window while yelling “don’t litter you fackin’ jippos!” (English rednecks). The man and his now wet & sticky girlfriend became very irate very quickly and it was pretty hilarious. Stevie then repetitively instructed him to “wash his dick” which probably couldn’t have been more of a confusing thing to him.

Some quality signage. We got some great reactions on the tits, but no actual results…guess we’ll have to keep trying.

Hucker, Doyle and I walked off from the jam in search of some coffee and got caught in the worst down-pour I’ve experienced in a long time. Here he is after the worst of it with a double espresso infused latte mustache…which of course had him pretty jazzed to do bar-rides for the rest of the day.

Stevie shut shit down on the out-ledge and ended up walking away with some serious stacks of Pounds…as well as some Monster Energy dollars with each equated to a free drink at the after party…..great sucesssss.



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  • anthony hawkins

    i had a brillint day untill it rained but it was funny when we was kick out off the cafe with the lads for having are bike in the hall so the guy trowed out are bike out the door when it was pouring down. one best day for me being bmxing 🙂


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