Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 3.

Day 3 turned out to be a great one! We started out the day with a meet up at Alpha BMX Shop in Stoke, then headed down to the Stoke skate plaza to kick off the festivities. When we rolled up the park was jam packed with kids anxious to see everyone ride. We set up our Tea tent, got out the Hobnobs, and Stevie, Broc, Hucker, and Doyle wasted no time putting on a show. Here’s Broc above with a nose manual on a unique kicker to ledge setup. Check out more madness after the jump.

The Shop up the street.

These kids were all so amped on Stevie, and like always he killed it with smile and a laugh to go along…

270 whip over the hip. Bancroft photo.

The tea and hobnobs were a huge hit with this crowd. With the chilly weather, everyone kept coming back for cup after cup…all loaded with way too much sugar ofcourse. Our van driver and homosexual dream-having ‘bloke’ Russ held the booth down well.

Broc throwing out some stickers and posters while the kid on the right goes “I’ll show you the smallest nipple in the world….there, can I have a poster???” Lol.

We all signed quite a few foreheads…and scooters as well actually. This little kid also had the craziest rat tail that was at least a foot long.

After the park we wrapped up the day with some food and mini-pool at a random pub somewhere off the freeway. Here’s Hucker showing Stevie a thing or two…

Hucker, Stevie, Russ, and Myself ended up going out in Oxford for a night on the town…which I am currently still waking up from. It was a great time to say the least. These guys were at the first place we went, and they were killing it pretty much solely on requests, playing Guns and Roses tunes and even Lynard Skynard’s ‘Freebird’ in its entirety. Good times.



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