Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 2.

Day two of our UK trip started out dicking around at our hotel in the middle of the English countryside. We ate a hearty ‘Olympian’ Breakfast at the restaurant next door, hung out with some cows, (unfortunately I didn’t find any new gaps or transfers) then we packed up the van and headed about an hour north into Liverpool.

Crew’d up at the first spot. Liverpool’s crankflip boss Phil Demattia was nice enough to show us around the city for the afternoon.

This first treasure chest spot had something for everyone with Stevie, Broc, and Hucker all getting some awesome clips. We also hopped over the local drunk and I even got a cute English girls’ Instagram…great success.

Broc enjoying some quick sight seeing deviations in between spots.

Broc took advantage of this curved bench spot with ease right as the drizzle started coming down. We pedaled from there across the city a bit, then headed to Subway for a little slice of ‘Merican lunch.

After lunch we rolled up on this tunnel banks spot. After Stevie accomplished this insane flair on one of the smallest & steepest banks I’ve ever seen he started eying up the double decker drop below, then followed thru in true Stevie fashion….one take. Steve Bancroft on the trigger.

Come nightfall we headed over to Rampworx Skatepark. We drank tea, ate hobnobs, signed stickers and posters, and shredded with the kids all night and even into a little private session at the end. Thanks a ton to everyone at that park for letting us come thru, it was a great time!



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