Tea & Biscuits Tour Day 1.

After a long night, and a long morning too, we all arrived safely in London to start off the Elephant Distro Tea & Biscuits Tour. Our sleepy American crew consisting of Stevie Churchill, Broc Raiford, Hucker, Chris Doyle and Myself met up with Steve Bancroft & Co, piled into the mini bus and we were off….but not before Stevie made friends with the local law enforcement.

The Crew.

We stopped at this pub just outside London for one of the most filling meals I’ve had in a long time, called “The Great British Carvery” which was essentially a buffet jam packed with tons of different meat & veg options. After we had all consumed a mountain of food, we packed up and headed to some trails nearby.

The trails were amazing. Hucker and Doyle seriously hit all the lines first try without falling or messing up at all really. It was wild how at-home they looked…especially considering the jet lag. They were a treat to watch to say the least and we managed to get some good clips & photos as well.

Our guys on the other hand, were heavy on the napping program for the majority of the day. Broc did actually make it thru the main line of the trails several times tho…following none other than Fids as a guide. Stevie also managed to find his little bump in the ground and shot a sick suicide no-hander with Bancroft.

Dope trail gate.

Packed up for the 3 hour drive to ride street in Liverpool. More to come tomorrow…



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