Tate In Cali Part Two.

Due to a little trip overlap I am currently sitting pretty in Costa Rica on a Demolition trip while Tate is still at my house probably engaging in illegal activities with Platt…or perhaps reading more magazines with strapping young men on the cover from the “happy” coffee shop next door. Regardless of what Tate may or may not be up to at the moment, he managed to make the most of his short stay in California clip-wise by doing what we do best, look for weird shit to ride…

Flash back a few days and we were smack dab in the middle of Compton riding this ‘choose your own adventure’ circles spot. Here’s Tate getting the buddy clip for Jeff Z and Zach Krejmas’ DVD “Doorstep” due out at the end of this year. Yes, that’s a TRV900.

Sometimes the simplest little things are actually the best setups, and are hidden right in plain sight. Always ride around kids….being lazy and looking from your car window will ensure that you will miss some gems. What do you think Tate could have possibly done on this thing?

Tabes for babes. No, not that…but instead, an actual table. Ever the innovator Tate combines feeble grind skills with his version of the tabletop for one hell of a clip.



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