Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Days 4 & 5.

Our last days in Salt Lake were filled with fun times, much ping-pong, spot searching, great clips, and unfortunately a little more bad luck on my part. All things aside tho it was a great time! Here’s Tate eying up a little gem we found in his hometown while I make sure he doesn’t get glass in his palms. Continue reading….
First the good news! Less than 24 hours after his fall and probably like 12 hours after his hospital stay DeMarcus not only felt good enough to hop in the van with us for the day, but he also felt good enough to be on his bike doing manuals around the parking and shit. This was so awesome to see and really speaks for DeMarcus’ character & how much passion he has for being on his bike. You just can’t stop him…

There’s definitely a hilarious meme to be had here. Maybe Rodeo Peanut can help us out…

Tate was really feeling his OCGC (Ogden City Ghetto Children) roots. Muggin’…

LOL How many of these photos can we possibly post? Great clips from Mr. Roskelley.

Welp, just when I think my job is a walk in the park (or a chair in the park) I eat a tainted burrito bowl, get food poisoning, and in turn cost the trip an entire day of riding because i was puking and shitting all day. Bad things do come in waves so they say….I’m just glad it was only one day.

On the last day I was feeling better and we were able to meet up with Salt Lake legend Matt Beringer for a downtown session.

That’s all for now! A huge thanks goes to Tate for having us as always and and even bigger thank you to team Mom & Blog Photographer Margie for holding it down with all these photos, cooking us breakfast, and mostly for taking care of Demarcus and I thru our shit. Until next time, it’s been real Salt Lake…see you back in the golden state.



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