Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Day 3.

As most of you have probably already seen on Instagram and etc, our third day here in Salt Lake wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for DeMarcus, but on the brighter side it definitely didn’t start out that way…
We started out with a warm up session at Salt Lake’s finest piece of steel, better known around town as the Jeremy Rogers ledges. Not cause he did dope shit there, but he did have an unbelievably horrible music video featuring this spot.

We met up with our good friend and dumpster spaghetti enthusiast Tanner Nelson. Tanner is a viking and is one of the dopest riders in Salt Lake.

Here’s DeMarcus trying to re-create my clip in Ruin Your Whole summer at 1:07.

Taliban Tanner.

DeMarcus mid bail. This wasn’t the thing he actually fell on, but he sure looks like a boss.

One happy guy.

So the crazy thing is, we actually got exactly what we came for at this spot. Here’s the official clip review moments before the day took a turn for the worst.

So here’s the scoop. As we were packing up our cameras and stuff, DeMarcus was just playing around doing gap to ices past this gnarly knob in the center of the rail. He started with gap to regs ice, did that a couple times, then decided to fuck around with his switch. Right as I turned around I saw his back peg just making a B-line straight for the knob. Obviously he thought he was well past it already so he was in no way prepared for the possibility of hanging up. Before you could even blink his peg stopped dead and his face was on the ground> His arms also didn’t make it out in time to catch the fall, leaving them all scraped to hell too.

Luckily the nearest nearest hospital was only a couple blocks from where we were, and thanks to team-mom & photographer Margie, we were able to get him there within a few minutes. The staff at the hospital was really on point and took care of everything properly. DeMarcus was in a shit ton of pain and ended up fracturing part of one side of his jaw, with 3 or 4 additional fractures on the other side as well. Luckily he didn’t end up needing any immediate surgery, and we were able to get him out of the hospital late last night. On the brighter side he seems to be doing extremely well this morning all things considered, and is even up for hopping in the van with us today! We’d like to thank you guys for all your positivity, supporting comments, and etc on the situation…..I think it really helped DeMarcus thru the night last night. More updates tomorrow….



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