Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Day 2.

Many years of living in Salt Lake has just made Tate…well, salty. Here he is giving his professional opinion on the handrail while he sets off into the woods to look for Tate spots up in his hometown of Ogden, Utah…
And said spots, he did find indeed. I was really hyped to film one of these with Tate given that I haven’t seen him really do one since his Shook section. He also built upon the original with a way into the revert that only Tate could possibly pull off.

Take a sheet.

Later in the afternoon after exploring some of Ogden’s finer setups, we rolled up to this amazing rail at a college. Obviously anyone who knows anything about anything can pretty much assume the worst for trying to ride any type of school on a weekday. I guess luck must have been on our side tho and we were able to get a little session in.

Ah give er bud…..

Well would ya just look at this

Tate explaining in detail to Elf just how small he really is…

Last but not least Tate may have found his new calling yesterday while playing around with my filming board. Perhaps Tate will have some skate clips in his DVD section?




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