Tate & DeMarcus In SLC: Day 1.

Volume’s newest recruit DeMarcus Paul and myself decided to cruise up to Salt Lake City this past friday to kick it with Tate, stack some clips for the DVD, and uh…do whatever it is that we do. Unfortunately Saturday was pretty much doomed from the start with heavy rainfall thru most of the day and near arctic temperatures effecting our thin sun-spoiled California blood. Yesterday (Sunday) on the other hand was a complete 180. Here’s Tate, Elf, and myself reviewing Demarcus’ first clip of the trip. All photos by Volume blog-ographer & team nutritionist Margie. Click for more from Day 1….
There are no gangs in Salt Lake City (besides maybe the Juggalos who live next door) so DeMarcus felt completely at ease flying with the red and blue in perfect harmony.

DeMarcus about to clip up on one of Salt Lake’s finest pieces of steel.


I’ve probably only known DeMarcus for the daily equivalent of a week, but so far every time someone points a camera at him he throws up the Dr Spock. Maybe that’s the secret to getting yourself thru insane situations like the one he’s about to get into here…

Great Clips.

This rail has a rich Volume history. From Tate icing it in his Shook Section (with no chain may I add), to Platt breaking his arm on it, to Raban X up grinding it. Of course DeMarcus wanted a piece of that cookie as well. It was damn good too…like a raspberry cheesecake cookie from Subway.

Red Bull….

This was really a treat! Tate came so very close to completing never before been done rail move on this guy. Fuck, it’s so crazy I guarantee you can’t guess what it is….

Muddy and salty. It’s okay tho, I bet Einstein’s theory of relativity didn’t come overnight either…



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