TakeItAZ Trip Days 4 & 5.

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Here’s a few photos, and an interesting story or two you’re probably gonna LOL at from day’s 4 & 5 of our Arizona Trip. Also don’t forget to follow along with our trip on Instagram using #TAKEITAZ. Lets Drew this…
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AZduzit. There’s a RideBMX sitting in front of me from 2008 with a Jason Enns interview in which he talks about Easy-E. Jason is definitely the type of guy who finds something he likes and reps it forever.

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Eric Mountainman? That one’s a long shot but I can never resist even the most obvious of opportunities to make fun of Bahlman’s last name. There’s been a lot of Eric’s on this trip so far, most notably Eric Bowlman, Eric GutterBallman, and of course Eric Bongman.

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Day 4 stared out at this amazing spot that Kore Bikes owner Erik Hilburn tipped us off to. Granted we had to put in a little work with the ol shovel but it was totally worth it and then some. Take a good look, this is just about the closest any of us will ever come to making a dirt jump.

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The birthday guy. If you haven’t already wish this steakhouse a happy birthday and hit him with a follow, @DREWHOSS.

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Alright, so this blog post wouldn’t be complete without these two ridiculous stories from day 4. So, it’s night time just before we roll up on the above statue spot. We were at a church close by and noticed a swinging gate setup for Tate. We shined the headlights on it, posted up in the van, and let Tate hop on it a few times. It was a big empty parking lot completely dark all around us. All of a sudden we hear yelling and loud aggressive footsteps sprinting full speed. We look over and there is a 60 year old guy who looked like a combination of this and this with a huge gut, no shirt, and steam coming out of his ears making a b-line for Tate screaming “THE GATE, THE GATE!!!! IF I SEE YOU BANGIN’ ON THAT GATE ONE MORE TIME….etc etc.” It was like, he was so aggressive, he never stopped advancing, and he pretty much punked us. Like who in their right mind makes an stand against like 6 dudes in a van by himself at 60 years old? He was pretty much ready to die for that gate. He scared us so much that we promptly packed up, and just when we thought he was signing off nicely he goes “Have a nice night…..ASSHOLLLLLESSSS!!!” So as if that whole situation wasn’t funny enough, we roll up on the sculpture above around 10pm, only to catch some dude with his pants down who immediately zipped up and bolted away from us full speed. What a night…

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.30.52 AM
From the statue we ventured on to this awesome ditch spot featured heavily in Drew and Bahlman’s recent split edit. Besides knocking the wind out of myself almost immediately, it was a great time and pretty productive little session. I mean really…it’s Tate and Drew with a bunch of banks and rocks, how could we not get clips? Here’s Jason warming up with a little footplant guy.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.31.08 AM
Man shit.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.31.26 AM
After the rock ditch we headed to a few more ditches throughout the afternoon but unfortunately were plagued by countless flat tires. The goat-head thorns here are a serious tire killer. Tate and Jason however did manage to find some cool shit at this ditch right as the sun was going down. I reckon we’ll be starting our day right back here today after the requisite Starbucks pit stop.



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