Stevie’s Last Days In Cali.

Stevie’s been working really hard on some upcoming videos for us…so hard that we decided to fly him home to rest for a couple days before we fly to England tomorrow for the Tea & Biscuits Tour. I’ve always wanted to take Stevie to the above spot in Long Beach, and on Thursday we finally got around to it. After waking up from one of his numerous van naps, young Steven had a bit more of an unconventional approach to riding this runoff spout, which is usually reserved strictly for doing tricks into. We did however get one of those too, and everyone walked away happy and without getting hit by any cars.

Come nightfall we headed to this pretty well known beach ledge spot in Sunset beach, and lit it up with the genny. For how much Stevie sleeps in between spots, he sure does manage to clock in footage. We ended up getting 3 clips on this guy, with minimal napping in between.

After moving the lights 15 feet, we were all set up to make moves on this longer curved ledge only to be shut down by the late night beach cops. No matter though…we ended up just packing it up and coming back the following morning and getting it done. Follow @onsomeshit on Instagram if you’re dying to see what he did.

While you’re at it FOLLOW @volumebikes too! If you don’t you’re missing out on all these amazingly timed cell phone photos which are much better than @briancastillo ‘s photos.


To commend Stevie for all his hard work, we had a very filling meal at Red Robin. He picked up the 25 cent fake mustache on the way out, then proceeded to wear it the entire night, and even headed to the airport at 4 am with it still attached. That is the definition of swag.



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