Stevie & Tate At Woodward West.

This past week was Demolition week out at Woodward West and saying that it was a fun week would be quite the understatement. Tate and Stevie showed up during the last part of the week to join the festivities, put on demos for the kids, look at under-aged girls, drink Red Bull smoothies, go bowling, apply neck tattoos, etc….damn camp life is rough huh? Check out more ridiculousness after the jump.

Tate shows off his bowling skills at the camp store/entertainment center & smoothie jumpoff, while Mr Cobbs shows off his quick draw camera skills.

Stevie was loving the gymnastics building and probably learned at least 10 new flip/spin combos in 10 minutes on this only slightly springy runway. Since he also has learned practically every BMX trick in his life on flat ground, this makes perfect sense.

Joey, Stevie, and Tate enjoy some grade A cafeteria food, and probably started farting before they were even done with their meals.

Campers all lined up to get some product post park contest. Kyler Horton in the red ended up taking the win with an impressive arsenel of tricks and style including flairs BOTH WAYS at 16 years young. Kids are too crazy these days.



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