Stevie In Cali Update.

Sunny summertime California has been treating us well as of late. Despite the latest wave of heat Stevie and I have been going hard everyday…dividing our time between riding the ramps out back, hanging with Enns, Biz, and Alfredo, all whilst going here, there & everywhere steady stacking footage for two separate street edits. Check out some riding snaps, spots, and other randomness from our past 4 or 5 days below.

Good session earlier this week out back with everyone’s favorite BMX celeb Catfish, my roommates Alex Platt and Kareem Williams…as well as Demolition’s Grant Germain and his buddy Billy who are out this way visiting for a few weeks.

I know these ledges look pretty rough and certainly less than ideal…but that didn’t stop Stevie from using his noggin and coming up with one of the best clips we have in the bank so far. (Hint: think to bottom.)

At the same school as the above photo Stevie got a sick line on these guys, which again is cool because it’s not really a heavily sessioned spot compared to the rest of the obstacles there, and also because his line involved 100% switch and hard-way spinning grind combos.

We were out riding with Grant Germain in the Huntington/Costa Mesa area one day and stumbled upon this dope rail ledge spot as seen in numerous Dakota Roche video parts. Switch game Stevie wasted no time coming up with his own grind combo on it and even threw a whip out for good measure…sorry i just had to spoil that one..too good!

This past Friday brought us up to the Durante area to meet up with Enns. Here he is doing a quick warm up classic at the skatepark before heading out and riding some schools and other dope spots in the area. Enns also came thru with two awesome clips that day, but I don’t really wanna blow up his spots on here…so you’ll just have to wait on those.

Oppo 3 over the rail as seen on Instagram. If you don’t already…FOLLOW @VOLUMEBIKES

Photo missions with LA spot pimp and BMXs best man, Jeff Z.

It didn’t take Stevie long to come thru with the goods on this very chunked, slightly uphill ledge.

Big things to come…



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