DIG bmx just put up some amazing photos from Simple Session 2018 and features a few photos of our third place winner, Broc Raiford and Billy Perry. All photos from Wes McGrath.

“Entering the 18th consecutive year of Simple Session, it seems as though the contest has not only gained more and more relevance as the years continue but it has truly captivated the world of BMX and the hearts of all the riders involved. I hadn’t ever been to a Simple Session before but I can tell you now that, well, it’s not that simple. Over the years I have heard so many crazy stories, from so many different people that I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Wether or not all the rumors remained true, I can tell you that I was thoroughly impressed all on accounts. The riding was exceptional, the city was beautifully covered in snow, the parties never stopped, and oh yea, I think I ate pasta every single meal.” DIG