Show Yo Process…

…One very, very long night not so long ago. I had the whole light/dark spot scrolling idea in mind for the Volume In California intro, so I built myself a fresh functioning dolly rig with a pair of $7 roller skate wheels at Goodwill, some angle iron, PVC, and a 2’x3′ piece of plywood, then set off into the night not entirely sure how I was going to achieve the effect I was after for each spot….

And when I say set off into the night….I mean I literally left my house in Long Beach at 11pm and drove 3 hours north to the first spot in Santa Maria, CA to shoot Bahlman’s red ledge. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “Why didn’t you just shoot all this stuff when you were actually on the trip Mike…duh!!” Wellllp, in a perfect world that would have been ideal, but I don’t really mind being a crazy person so I just decided to pull the all nighter instead. Anyway, so at this spot I kinda figured out that by making the camera scroll behind two large objects that I didn’t light up, I could achieve the whole scrolling into and out of darkness effect much easier than trying to keep only the obstacle lit, without the ground/walls/everything else being way too lit up as well. I did however manage to achieve the latter with a couple smaller spots like Tate’s crate slide to over duster rail as well as my polejam setup, simply because they were smaller obstacles and were almost completely in darkness to begin with.

4:30 AM generator and van fill-up in Nipomo, CA after shooting Tate & Jonas’ spots at the Rec. I thought about leaving something funny in Raban’s mailbox but decided to keep the mission focused instead. I only had two more spots to do for the night…then the rain started. When the fuck does it ever rain in California? Apparently only on the one night I’m hours from home and needed to get something done quickly outdoors. Despite the forecast of impending doom, I pushed another 35 minutes north to San Luis Obispo to shoot Raban’s white rail above. I pull up to the college as the rain is pouring down harder and harder so I just kinda sat there for like 20 minutes trying to think of any other spot solution closer to home I could shoot for Alex another night. As soon as I said “fuck it” and started driving away, the rain just miraculously stopped dead allowing me a window get my shot real quick, then head back south on the 101. Must have been the eye of the storm. Running out of night-time I quickly headed down to Drew’s roof spot to get that one before the sun came up. That I ended up just shooting in the rain, but you can’t really tell….genny was making some funny noises tho….sorry Brian haha.

One great thing about all this work and no sleep was that I got to do the best drive in California at sunrise…that was dope.

The next day, I still had a couple of spots out Jason’s way to do that I simply didn’t have enough time to do in one night. This photo I just shined the light on the setup real quick so you could see whats going on. Not every spot had a garbage can, dumpster, or pole I could use to easily create a dark area, so for a few shots I just used a sleeping bag hung up on two light stands. I’m mainly just posting this angle because you can clearly see my sexually-addicted female acquaintance who will remain nameless, hanging out in the background….uhh..stimulating her own economy (if you catch my drift)…on the curb…in the freezing cold. I wish I could make that up. Thus concludes my filming process, hope you guys enjoyed the video!



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