It’s been a while since we’ve done a good ol fashioned “Shop Stop” trip, so we thought it was only fitting to get the squad together and get us a little trip going.

Laughs, stories, and nice van ride are sometimes the best part of a trip, especially with no pressure to film clips everyday, shop stops are a nice little change of pace. With the main goal of hanging with the kids and giving thanks to a few of our good and supportive shops, we always manage to squeeze in some riding time.
HUGE thanks to Herb Bauer, Sniders Cyclery and Vegas Bike Worx for the constant support and for showing us a good and welcome time.

Even with the broken air conditioning in the 107 degree desert heat, we managed to make due, with the boys buying bags of ice to make their own personal ways to stay cool.

We even stumbled across an abandon pool on our mission through the desert in search of an empty lot to take a road break. With everyone in complete “chill mode” after a good trip, the pool turned the mood right around and we all started riding, a near 3 hours later we packed back up and hit the road back home.

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