Setups: Mike Mastroni’s Cerberus

Being an “artsy” guy like Mike usually leaves him to have the most interesting looking bikes with custom paints and splatter effects.  This time, he chose to leave his frame color as-is… for now.  The army-green was a sample color we’ve had for Jason Enns’ Cerberus that grew on Mike over time. We also interviewed Mike to see what he’s been up to, what’s up with the Volume DVD, and everything else in-between. Click the top image to see all the goods on his new ride and to read the interview. Click all images to go BIG.


Age: 24
Home Turf: Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Volume, OSS, The Garden, Etnies Flow
Frame: Volume Cerberus Jason Enns
Fork: Volume Hatchet Drew Hoss
Bars: Volume Broc Bars
Stem: Demoliton A-Smith’s Brace Stem
Grips: Odi
Barends: OG Volume Metals
Headset: Old…
Seatpost: Demolition
Seat: Volume Broc
Pedals: Demolition Trooper Plastics
Cranks: Demolition 175 Revolts
Sprocket: Demolition Merit 25t
Chain: No idea.
Front Tire: Demolition Machete 2.35
Front Wheel: The same Proper hub I’ve had since I was 19, laced to a Demolition Zero rim
Rear Tire: Demolition Machete 2.25
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rogue Complete LHD 9t, laced to a Demolition Zero rim
Pegs: Sean Morr Plastics
Hub guard: Demolition

You’re currently back East visiting family, what’s your routine normally like there?
Literally nothing, haha. I love seeing my family and everything, but every time I go home it just reminds me of how much sitting around people do, simply because there’s nothing to do…especially in the winter months. After living in California so long, all that feels weird and I get real antsy. So, besides visiting n all that, I usually end up just driving around the area and taking in the scenery, or going up to Massachusetts to hang out with Seeley @ The Garden.

Your new Volume Bermuda colorway is coming out soon, you wanna talk about that?
It’s just gonna be a buncha black Bermuda’s and I’m gonna throw some paint at them for you. …should be fun! We’ll probably just do a limited run and see how it goes.

Volume has been on a ton of trips this year, what’s in the works?
The best DVD since sliced footage.

You guys lock down the name of the DVD yet?
Yes,  we’ve arrived at “Shoot Your Future” as the official title. Kind of a play on words there pertaining to filming and the path we’ve all chosen in our young lives.

Favorite rider on Volume to film and why?
Raban for sure. Always has a plan, a smile, and a pizza.

Destinations you want to go to film the most at, or always wanted to go?
Haha I don’t know, I want to go everywhere all the time.

What can we expect for 2014 with Volume and the team guys?
More everything! Hopefully wrapping up the DVD roughly mid-year with some solid trips/articles to go along with that, have some awesome premieres, do some shop tours, and hopefully getting much footage and good times in the bank as we possibly can! Also you can expect plenty of new softgoods, a website facelift, & much more little products to accompany our new look. We’re also gonna get a few more key hard goods poppin’ including tires, sprockets & much more. Stay tuned to the site, as well as instagram (@volumebikes) for plenty of dope photos, contests and giveaways.




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