Salt Lake To Idaho #slc2idaho Days 3 & 4.

So here’s a bit of a hefty update from our second rainy day in Idaho and then our next day back in Salt Lake. Whenever we visit it’s awesome to swing by The Wood Shop and kick it with Cam. Check out the rest of our days below. All photos by Devin Feil…
Technically Day 3, since this session probably took place after midnight on the first day in Idaho. Any time Raban finds himself a nice interesting rail/ledge combo you can see the excitement gears in his head going out of contro. As the session went on he tired out several different and equally complicated combinations of tricks, battling crazy sprinklers and being on the local Police department’s radar, Alex found a winner and got it done with flying colors.

Unfortunately the next day, we awoke to some unexpected rainfall and decided to head back down south, hitting Pocatello, Idaho and Tate’s hometown of Ogden along the way. We stopped at a promising University only to get chased out by the boys in blue, then the rain chased us there too and we couldn’t manage to get much more out of our Idaho adventure, and kept on truckin back to Utah. Here’s Platt at the helm while the TM got some much needed rest.

Platt and I brought our dog Gucci along on the trip, who is usually a road warrior. He’s used to life on the road and loves chillin’ in the van with the boys…but maybe this day he got spooked from the crazy downpour or something and hid under the seat pretty much the entire drive.

Day 4 in Salt Lake started out at the local trails to watch Matt Cordova get his shred on. My mind is always blown watching Matt in his element. Where’s waldo?

The whole trip we’ve been making fun of Broc for his love of flairs on street and always wanting to go ride the skatepark, so when he got to actually ride something that wasn’t a handrail for the first time on the trip he was very excited. Being a jack of all trades is great and all, we just like giving him shit about it. Here’s Broc saying “Fuck you Mike!” with a clicked turndown.

Day two of Tate keeping up the charade that he’s a professional photographer. Anyone who knows Tate knows that he hate’s going to the trails, so since he was spending time down there he figured he might as well make the best of his time by yelling at everyone about how shitty the lighting was, how he forgot his ‘light meter’ at home and telling me that I was in the shot constantly. Seems about what any other photographer would do, so he in fact was doing a good job…

Again, watching Matt get down in his element is a sight to see. Here’s an extremely boosted one footed euro. We managed to clock some great footage too before it started drizzling on us yet again.


After the trails we headed over to the infamous Rail Garden where Elf had informed us that snowboarders had installed a crazy down/flat double barrel rail on the right side of a set. The photo on his phone looked too good to be true and sure enough when we got there, Raban’s grind excitement meter kicked into full swing again. This rail insanely fast and had goat-head thorns and downhill run up and run out, so getting anything on this was an accomplishment to say the least. Raban is an animal.

Rain rain go away. After Raban won life at the Rail Garden the rain followed us there too and we had to pack up in a hurry and decided to head to this bridge spot near Tate’s house.

The height of maturity. Tate fount this half empty can of Fix-a-flat and came up with some “creative” ideas for other ways it could be used…



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