Salt Lake To Idaho #slc2idaho Day 2.

Day Two, we woke up early (well early for us), loaded up the van and headed north to Idaho Falls, ID. in search of some fresh untouched spots. The drive up there was going smoothly until I somehow captained the ship approximately an hour and a half out of the way. I blame TPS (Tate Positioning System) for being asleep for the whole ride and not notifying me of a crucial yet seemingly un-noticeable highway split. Anyway at the end of the day we made it there in okay time, and plenty of time for Broc to get down on this virgin ledge spot with a one footed nose into the sunset. All photos by Devin Feil….
You know how when you’re getting directions somewhere on the iPhone it gives you options 1,2, and 3? Yeah, well what we pretty much did here was take the ‘3’ option.

With a crew and a dog suffering from restless van legs syndrome we finally made it to our first destination, a rest stop with some curved wallrides and up ledges that Steven Hamilton & Van Homan rode in Orchid’s “Step On It”.

The spot was dope because it’s so in the middle of effin nowhere that there aren’t even any humans working anywhere at the rest stop…so that means nobody to kick you out. We decided to leave the curvewalls alone and venture up these hiking trails that had some pretty cool curve rail setups and stuff. We got to the top and found this gazebo type thing with awesome wooden square rails coming off of it. Raban demonstrating proper wax application techniques before he hit it with some magic. Metal peggers take notes.

I love a good hole to stand in when I can find one.

Tate had hurt his knee in Salt Lake the day before and since then has been claiming he’s found his true calling in photography. Having two photographers on the trip isn’t easy, but hopefully this phase will pass. Tate was quoted as saying “Digital photography…so mainstream, it has no feel. I consider myself more of a film kinda guy…” as he lines up the Ollo clip iPhone fisheye on a disposable camera.



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