Salt Lake To Idaho #slc2idaho Day 1.

Day one? two? I think the first day we rode should count as an official Day 1. Anyway, it was a great one and we spent it by trekking all over SLC in search of some fresh shit to ride. A lot of the dudes including myself have been here many times on various other trips so locating some fresh spots was pretty key. We ended up wrangling up a few gems, got some great footage, hung out with Elf and Jordan Utley, lit up some spots, played some ping pong I mean what more could you ask for right? All (good) photos by Devin Feil

It’s been really awesome seeing Raban back in action lately. Here he is eying up a beastly rail setup.

The warm up sesh. In true Volume style we just did 180’s and slid around on milk crates.

Dem angles, dawg. Up here in the trees filming Broc get his crankarm on.

Platt started off the day with a bang at this dope abandoned school spot, but it wasn’t exactly the type of thing I’m gonna take a photo anywhere near. Meanwhile Tate was cruising around near a steam in the woods and found his rollercoaster dream setup with a watery grave of a landing. The water was also pretty funky…here Elf gets up close and personal with the peg he lent Tate.

Definitely the first time I’ve ever seen Devin have to set up his flash in sizable stream. Luckily she stayed put.

One day Tate has a brand new pair of shoes, the next they’re probably gonna look something like this. Tate has been really drawn to water clips…let us not forget the time he rode across a pond. Anyway, that plus some ping pong and a genny mission was pretty much day one. Where off to Idaho Falls, ID. See ya tomorrow.



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