Salt Lake City: Day 7.

05.12.13 VBC101
For our final day in Salt Lake we dicided to take it easy and cruise about the city with Jordan Utley, Cameron Giles (yes, just like the rapper….i know right, what a G) and company… 

05.12.13 VBC115
Sometimes just cruising around aimlessly is way nicer than sitting in the van all day long…and sometimes that seems to be the exact recipe needed to get things you wouldn’t necessarily think of while sitting in that air conditioned comfort. Here’s Raban going in on this unique ledge setup.

photo 3-1
At the same school as Raban’s ledge, Turtle approaced me to come out back and film a clip with him. Needless to say I was extremely excited to see what Ben had up his shell. I was later informed that the ridiculous clip we filmed was like the first piece of Turtle footage in over two years….Crazy!

photo 1
After 7 days of not really riding, I kinda wanted to go in on the last day. With a little accidental route home from breakfast, we got lost in industrial land & this train caught my attention right away. No, no I didn’t figure out a way to grind anything, but you could imagie what it would be like if I did….huh huh??

photo 2 copy
Tate telling telling story of how he met Dave Chapelle to Rob for his interview over some fancy vegan dinner.

Until next time Salt Lake….it’s been real!



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