Salt Lake City: Day 6.


Day 6 started off with a little re-visit to the pool from Day 3, and then to this train yard gem up in Tate’s hometown of Ogden, Utah. At the pool however, in a sudden strike of role reversal irony, Dolecki took out Tate! Rob was taking a run while Tate was chillin’ in the shallow end, and Rob roasted a big double peg pretty much coming back down directly into him….S&M Challenger stem directly to the back bone! Rob definitely felt really, really bad about it…but after a couple hours Tate ended up being alright and we we all kinda laughed it off…

Trekking to the above train yard spot thru a sea of passing freight trains and transient types asking us for “a snickers bar…or ANYTHING?”

As I mentioned before I can’t really be blowing up too many spots on the blog because Dolecki is shooting it for Dig. I can however tell you that Tate rode across something insanely skinny and took a lil dip in the process. He came out victorious though of course! Just wait for the Dig issue! Raban might be laughing, but Raban also had his pants off 20 minutes before this, showing this small unsuspecting Mormon town his setup with no shame…

Tate and his childhood riding buddy Ben Williams AKA “Turtle” If you ever met Ben you’d definitely understand immediately why they call him that. The true Tate Roskelley fans probably already are familiar with Ben, but if not you can educate yourself with this classic Ben/Tate split section in which Turtle plays an old piano with his tires….

We ended the day with a brew with the crew on top of a tower near Tate’s with a killer view of the city..

Aw yeeeuh.



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