Salt Lake City: Day 5.

I’m lagging on the updates here a little but that’s what tends to happen on the road sometimes, sorry guys! Anyway, Day 5, AKA the day of the the abandoned building time warp….

We spent the majority of our day back here at this abandoned building in the salt flats from earlier in the trip. At least the killer gnats died down a bit from the previous day…

Just in case you need a visual on how in the middle of nowhere this place it. Definitely a trip.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Roskelley. I encourage you to take a stab at what kind of insane contraption Tate is setting up in the background here. I will say for certain that’s it’s probably the most intricate and well thought out thing he’s ever come up with, and 100% my favorite thing I’ve ever filmed with Tate thus far. We may or may not have been there for over 4 hours working with a trial and error process, but hey…you don’t yell at a painter for taking weeks to do a painting. Tate is just such an artist isn’t he?

Who says photographers can’t get it in too? Here’s Dolecki taking his personal shred time while Tate was setting up his contraption.

05.10.13 VBC113

05.10.13 VBC102
While Tate was making Magic, Raban meanwhile had all the time in the world to concoct his own plans on how to ride this abandoned paradise. Here he is setting up a runway so he could jump up a skinny plank onto the hood of a truck.

05.10.13 VBC115
Night moves with Tater-tot.



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