Salt Lake City: Day 4.

I love having Bahlman around in sticker spirit on trips. Anyway, Day 4 spot one. Where’s the spot you may ask? As much as I’d like to say it’s the semi truck, thaaat would be an ABD. Use your imagination, get cre-Tate-ive….

05.09.13 VBC105
Tate’s setup worked out nicely and Raban’s knee was feeling a little more up to par, so we decided to go re-visit this roof to roof find we stumbled upon the the other day. Raban really wanted the bar, but upon further examination the roof was entirely too spongy to really do much with. He did ride off it though, and in true Bone Deth fashion it was awesome.

photo 1
Raban and Tate enjoying a bomb ass dollar taco truck lunch.

05.09.13 VBC112
Googly eyes have been a steady source of entertainment on this trip and items ranging from Tate’s toilets to our cucumber van ornament have been appropriately decorated. Obviously the Bermuda eye logo looks much better with a googly eye…

photo 3
As Tate and Dolecki are working on a Dig interview out of this trip, I’ve instructed our female blog photographer to not take direct photos of spots. Here’s the very literal example of that statement with Tate’s spot conveniently hidden behind this desert dwelling plant. What the hell could be behind there?? Also while we were removing some cacti from Tate’s run-out, some old people walked by and we convinced them we were digging for buried treasure.

05.09.13 VBC109
For the duration of the golden hour we decided to just have some good quality pedal around time downtown & see what we could stumble upon.

05.09.13 VBC114
Raban and I staring a line outside some sort of theater. We had a couple close calls with guys in ties coming out of the building…not that they cared, it was more of just a blind corner issue. This view of a large afro’d man on a golden bike and a homeless dude who somehow acquired a video camera is just what an unsuspecting guy would see when exiting the building…

05.09.13 VBC117
Great success. We then sent Tate to the store for some Starbucks liquid motivation, which led to Raban & I filming a slick clip where I was laying face down on the skateboard being pushed by Tate. Teamwork makes the dream work sonnnnn.



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