Salt Lake City: Day 3.


On Day 3’s episode of Volume Bike Co Storm Chasers Salt Lake City chapter, we landed ourselves at an amazing pool in the mountains while searching for the perfect storm….

05.08.13 VBC124
…nah not really. Obviously we weren’t looking to take any additional morning showers but unfortunately we seem to keep getting ourselves caught in some good ol’ fashioned Utah weather. Today will be better, because today Raban and Tate won’t be wearing the same shirt.

05.08.13 VBC109
All negativity aside, this pool was fucking awesome! Even though we only got to ride it for like 10 minutes, Rob Dolecki wasted no time getting his shred on. It was Rob’s first time riding a pool and this was literally like his 3rd or 4th run. What a G….

05.08.13 VBC101
Draining the main vein.

05.08.13 VBC106
Lifeguard Tate looking out for his buds.

05.08.13 VBC113
In hopes of continuing our session after the rain passed, we decided to stick it out for a while and see what the clouds had in store. To our surprise the sun actually did pop out, but was quickly followed by more showers without a window of drying time. Oh well, we’ll be back.


After the pool we decided to take a stroll around Tate’s hometown of Ogden, Utah to film a very East Coast-y clip. Tate ended up getting the clip/photo perfectly so that was a win-win. Buuuuut just like the pool session, our Ogden day was cut short by more rain. Here’s Raban getting a quick session in on the town’s most famous spot right as it started pouring.

With all this rain, we kind of decided that we should take advantage of the situation and actually go to something that NEEDS to be slippery. What could Tate have up his sleeve here with wax and water??

For the last spot of the day decided to head to this car dealership spot and light her up once the rain died down. Tate was extremely stoked to get a clip here, because his favorite vehicle of all time (I’m talking of course about the yellow Hummer) was present in the clip and photo. For as long as I’ve known Tate he’s always talked about pooling his earnings, selling the house, and buying a yellow hummer. Although he didn’t get to purchase the vehicle, he did get a clip next to it…which to me is the BMX equivalent of standing next to another guy’s Benz for your Facebook photo, but Tate was still extremely satisfied. Either way, we made the absolute most of the rainy day, and that’s what counts.



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