Salt Lake City: Day 2.

Day two of our Salt Lake shake kicked off to a great stART. That’s right, we found mad art on the ground. This was Rob Dolecki’s first day in town and before he got busy with Tate he wanted to go shoot some trails stuff with Cameron Wood & company. Clearly Tate and I are seasoned trail veterans but we decided to skip the session, pedal around, and ended up finding some potential spots, as well as the new home decor….

Tate also found this picture frame on the ground. If you are following along with our trip on Instagram (which you should be) you’d have already seen the funny photos we’ve taken using it. It’s all about framing.

I promise we did other stuff too.

A very happy Tate after shooting his first photo of an extremely tight squeeze. It was great timing too because as you can tell, there was an insane storm rolling in. Pretty much as soon as Rob got the last of his gear in the van, the sky opened up on us.

05.07.13 VBC103
Yesterday was also a very historic day in the Utah BMX scene as it was the official last day of Matt Beringer’s backyard. Matt is selling his house and decided to have a little jam to go out with a bang before he begins the process of tearing 10 plus years of work down. Matt is such a one of a kind human and nothing short of a BMX legend, so we were all pretty stoked to be there for this momentous occasion. I mean, look how happy Raban is…

05.07.13 VBC101 2
Smokin’ the bowl. Getting to ride this for a bit was so awesome. It’s probably one of the hardest thing’s I’ve ever tried to ride, (that’s what she said) and Tate and I agreed that if you rode this thing for even a half hour every night, that you’d be in the best shape of your life.

05.07.13 VBC107
Unfortunately the rain kinda followed us up north to Matt’s house, so this was pretty much the scene when we got there. Jordan Utley had been making a video kinda documenting the whole thing and here’s the man himself getting ready for a roof drop in to thread the needle clip. Good times.



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