Salt Lake City: Day 1.


On the road againnnn. This time around Alex Raban and Myself deiced to make the trek out to Salt Lake City to hang out in front of colorful walls with Tate while he works on shooting an upcoming Dig interview Rob Dolecki. We have our good friend and BMX girl O.G. Margie Richlen tagging along for the week to keep you entertained with blog photos. Margie used to shoot for the T-1 zine…yeah that O.G…so I think she can handle hanging out with us for a week. Lets do this…

05.06.13 VBC108
Spot one, day one, clip one. Isn’t that nice how that works out? I don’t wanna give it away, but I will say that what goes on here is a ‘first’ for Tate trick-wise….but I mean really isn’t everything he does kind of a first? Yeah maybe that didn’t help at all…oh well the photo is cool.

05.06.13 VBC109
Clip review.

05.06.13 VBC119
The Volume Vantasy.

05.06.13 VBC127
After a random grocery store stop, (where Tate claimed to know of or be friends with every employee in the store even though he’d never been inside) we headed out to the great Salt Lake to explore an abandoned building and spark some creativity for Tate.

05.06.13 VBC137
I’ve been to Salt Lake many times and had never actually seen the Lake, so needless to say I was excited for the adventure. We parked the van, hopped out and we’re greeted quite abruptly with high winds and swarms of these tiny little nats. The nats for whatever reason didn’t enjoy being inside the building, but we parked like 500 feet away and just had to make a run for it, swallowing a few in the process.

05.06.13 VBC130
If you leave Tate alone in a situation like this for long enough, the wheels will start to turn. I invite you to try to figure out what the hell Tate has up his sleve with these two rotten planks of wood paced precariously on a rusty old gate…



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