Salt Lake To Idaho #slc2idaho Day 5.

What started out as a cold doom & gloom rainy day actually ended up being hands down the most fun and most productive day of the entire trip. Funny how that works out huh? Here’s Platt keeping himself occupied at the first spot with some found items. He also found a dope fold out dolly thing that a homeless man once upon a time used to cart around his belongings, now it will be used for our generator. All photos by Devin Feil
In addition to all the items Platt was finding at this spot, Matt also found some rather unpleasant ones while he was falling in a dirty over-grown alley…like hypodermic needles and bags of pita bread.

I found a Gucci Mane album, which I used as a starting point to enhance Matt’s insane first clip nicely.

Stretching is definitely Raban’s drug of choice. When he’s old he’s gonna be the guy stretching in line at the grocery store, or running some sort of yoga class at a retirement home. Rumor also has it Raban might have shown some female a yoga move or two on this trip…

Little spurts of rain ended up coming back mid afternoon, but luckily we were able to kinda dodge it and look at some new spots around the city courtesy of Elf.

Great art Devin, great art.

It’s only appropriate that Raban would use the top of a BBQ to make a little runway for himself down a curb before he feebled the craziest rail ever. “I blanked out for the second part of it” he said as he rolled away one happy chef. I think he might have even thrown this in the van as a souvenir.

Right as the sun was setting, Platt went on a mission to get something done he had been eying earlier in the trip. With black and blue toes from essentially folding his foot in half a couple days ago in Tate’s hometown, he was in fragile shape to begin with here. After taking a couple brutal slams that most people definitely wouldn’t get up from, Platt laced it perfect.

This fucking guy. By the time Broc was 3 insane tricks deep on this thing, Elf was already telling Tate how this rail will from now on be known in Salt Lake as “The Broc Rail.” Broc is really coming into his own as a rider and it’s amazing to see his amount of skill and determination to push his riding to new heights filming for this video part. Easily the most exciting genny session I’ve ever had with young Broc. and the clips came out great….good job bud!
But the genny madness didn’t stop there! Around midnight we headed out to this dope outledge spot that Raban and Broc proceeded to shut down with multiple amazing & unexpected moves. So yeah… that’s a wrap! This trip was a huge success and a great time. Thanks Tate for letting us crash as always, and Elf for coming thru with the spots and good times on the ping pong table. We’ll be back soon enough…the Volume team can’t seem to stay away from one of the best BMX scenes on earth here in Salt Lake.



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