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Living in CA, it’s hard to get from spot to spot without a car for transportation.   Our main man in SD, DeMarcus Paul, has been without a car for bit and still manages to ride some of the best spots that SD has to offer.   DeMarcus breaks it down on what he goes through on not having a car to get around town and what the advantages/ disadvantages are.  Check out the interview and photos after the jump.

How often do you pedal from your house to spots around town?

Pretty much everyday.

Have you ever owned a car, and if you did, did you pedal around town as much when you owned it?
Yes, I have owned a couple of cars. I would pedal around a lot, but not as much as I do now. Driving made things a lot easier where I’m from. The weather was so unpredictable, you never knew if it was going to rain.

What would you say to a kid that thinks not having a car is holding them back?
To any kid that doesn’t have a car, don’t be so easily discouraged. I personally know that it can be a little tough to go meet up with friends, go to certain spots and to your local skatepark. Get out and pedal around and you will get to see and do way more.

Do you think there are any differences between spots you would drive to and spots you would ride to?
Yes, I believe that when you pedal to a spot it almost feels like a journey. When you finally make it there it’s almost like “gold” at the end of a rainbow haha. When driving to a spot I feel that there is a sense of urgency or convenience because you’re able to get there faster than you would if you were pedaling. Most of the time you can make it to more than a few spots within a couple hours, as to riding your bike to spots it’ll take way more time.


Seems like you manage getting to spots well, but outside of riding, how would you get groceries, go on a hot date, or just run errands?
I generally do everything on my bike. When I’m out riding I usually stop by a grocery store on the way home. I usually buy things that can fit it my backpack. When I go on a hot date I roll through and swoop her on my whip.  It’s a red Vessel with chrome bars. Perfect for sitting, being that I have four pegs haha. With errands I also ride my bike.

Would you describe SD as a bike friendly city where you can ride to places easily and not get harassed?
Yes, it’s pretty bike friendly. Sometimes you come across people that are having a bad day and want to take it out on you…

I used to ride my road bike a bit and know that it can get a bit dangerous out there on the road with crazy drivers or just douche bags in general that cut you off. You have any crazy stories?
Yes, it can get pretty crazy. San Diego has a lot of hills and I don’t have brakes so usually I’m probably going the speed of traffic. It gets super dangerous when making turns while I’m in the bike lane, and some sketchy drivers decide to turn out in front of me while I have cars blazing right behind me. No weird crazy stories, Just more dangerous stuff.

You miss having a car, and do you see getting another one soon?
Sometimes I do miss having a car, but at the same time it’s kind of good. I don’t have to pay for gas, maintenance etc. I’m sure I’ll be getting another car when I feel it’s the right time.

You think you find more street spots riding around vs driving in a car?
I find more street spots that will be over looked if I were in a car. Riding down the alleyways and taking a lot of side streets allows me to see things that I usually would overlook if I were driving. Having a car is good for going to explore things that are kind of far away.

Anything you want to add, or give a shout out to Amtrak, or your homies that drive you around?
Go out and pedal around sometimes even if you have a car. You will find a lot of spots that are right under your nose. Shout out to San Diego trolley/transit system for helping me get around when I absolutely need it. Shout out to Tammy McCarley for putting me on the game of pedaling around San Diego, “that’s how you find the good spots”. Shout to all my friends that drive to spots and are kind enough to swoop me up. Thank you Amtrak for helping me get up and down the coast of California. Thank you Joey Cobbs for everything you do. Thank you Volume bikes for this Q/A.




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