Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep.

Before we examine how exactly Alex Platt ended up on the ground all beat up, let’s take a look at how awesome our night was before the above spot. Jog with me…

We started off the night out east in an industrial paradise with one particular wallride in mind for the first spot. Unfortunately that setup ended up being at a business that was full of people who think it’s normal to cut metal and do guy stuff at 11pm. So, that was a no-go, however we ended up driving around a bit and landed at the above setup with added dumpster points.

Alex really worked hard for this one with a couple flats and ever frustrating stem/wheel malfunctions in the process. Shoutout to The Garden.

In the same little strip of industry there’s also this nice grind to wall setup that caught my eye a long time ago due to the skate marks all over the rail/wall. This rail + plastic pegs slid pretty much as good anyone could ever ask for. Alex once again taking some time for bike maintenance and green stuff.

It’s always a great feeling to get two clips before 12 noon on a trip or whatever….I think the same thing applies for night filming with 12am. Once again Alex definitely worked his ass off for this, and in the end did it seriously better than anyone could ask for. Boss.

Around 1 am or so after Jack In The Box refueling we landed at this left side outledge. Platt had a gap to backwards grind on his mind and this setup seemed like the ticket. He tried it a couple dozen and gave it a warrior’s effort but no matter how close he got the front peg kept slipping off at the last second dropping into luc-e or just falling down. On the last one that put him on the ground, pretty much the same thing happened but he just wasn’t able to stop it in time and his forehead/face slammed into the pavement. At one point during filming this rabid opossum showed up and was just sort of hanging out under a garbage can literally two feet from Platts run-in. I blame the opossum for this on the grounds that it was a very scary distraction, but anyway I’m just glad he wears a helmet.



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