Re Up: Iron Chachi Bar Promo.

Volume Bikes: Alex Raban Iron Chachi Bar Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

As promised here is Raban’s glorious Iron Chachi bar promo again, this time at home on our Vimeo.

Also, If you get sick of watching this video (probably impossible) here’s a little ‘Behind The Music’ if you will that gives you a little insight into our creative process…

In all his culinary glory…

The setup. Pretty much your average night filming gear but with the addition of the costumes, a smoke machine, 3 different disco lights, a lot more extension chords, and of course the Block Rocker. if you have $150, a Costco card, and want to greatly improve your life, I recommend getting one. It’s got wheels, a pull out handle, 12 hours of battery life, and a whole lot of bass. The Volume van actually doesn’t have an auxiliary hook up, so we usually just use Block Rocker…it bumps way harder anyway.

Raban really had pretty much each and every shot (basketball dunk, flatland circle, van rapping, etc) all written out beforehand, but after we took care of those, we we’re kinda just freestyle it. The smoke machine right under him on the quarter pipe turned out to be one of the craziest shots we got I think. Popped a molly, I’m sweatin’, Woo!

I don’t know if all fog machines work like this one or not, but in hind sight we probably should have had more people around to help out not only with this, but also with moving all this equipment around for every shot. Fog rocker would emit smoke for roughly 25 – 30 seconds before it shut off and had to re-charge itself, which took probably 45 seconds or more….so the whole time was like “alright fog ready, go… NOW!” Also the cord for it, was probably only like 6 feet long, so when filming lines and stuff we had to just run over, put a two by 4 on the button, run back and try to get it in time.

Like I said before, we were literally out till 6 am filming, so thank gawd for the 24 hour AM:PM right down the street. The idea of Raban going out in public like this, especially with the 4 am early morning warehouse worker manly man crowd, was just too funny. Coffee, Red Bull, and more coffee…

I’m not sure why exactly Raban still had his cot in the van, but it ended up coming in super handy as a light stand. Can you say professional?…yeah that’s us. This was in the midst of shooting the fakie bar to slider over the hip. Of any clip in this edit, Raban struggled the most with this one…and with good reason too. When’s the last time you saw someone do one of those with any sort of consistency who wasn’t Rick Molliterno. Oh yeahhh.



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