Re-Up: Infantry Complete Bike Promo

TCU put up the exclusive Infantry complete bike promo video last week but we thought we’d Re-Up it on our own Vimeo player.  Can’t thank all the riders enough for riding these bikes for making our complete bike video possible.  You guys all rule!

“The 2014 Infantry Complete Bikes are now available and we’re confident that this bike is one of the best complete bikes on the market. To show you just how confident we are about the Infantry, we got Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Matt Cordova, and Daniel Martinez to put these bikes to the test for this promo. As you can see, the guys didn’t hold back one bit. The Infantry is 100% rider designed, rider tested, and rider approved. Contact your local bike shop or favorite mail order to pick up an Infantry bike or any of the other 2014 Volume Complete Bikes.”



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