Raban Bike Check.

Raban always keeps things 100% original, and we applaud that. Here’s a closer look at his personal Bermuda V2 ride with his signaute Iron Chachi Bars and more…

Frame: Volume 21″ Trans Gold Bermuda V2
Bars: Volume Iron Chachi
Fork: Volume Hatchet
Grips ODI Longnecks
Stem: Upside-down S&M Redneck
Tires: Demolition Rig front and Volume Vader rear.
Front Wheel: Demolition Zero Rim laced to Demolition Ghost hub
Rear Wheel: Demolition Zero Rim laced to Animal LHD hub.
Cranks: Odyssey thunder bolts.
Pedals: Demolition trooper.
Chain: Shadow Half Link.
Pegs: Animal OG.
Seat: Volume Custom Painted.
Mods: I like to paint my bike.



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