Jason and friends have taken riding pool these last few years to the next level, with finding the most amazing pools, cleaning them out, and riding the hell out of them.  Don’t think BMX really ever saw exposure to backyard pools till most recently for some reason or another.  Enns has been finding some of the most epic SoCal pools over a short span of time, and within a blink of an eye they’re either filled in or the house is occupied with new residents.  We sat down with Jason to get his thoughts on his process and everything in-between. 

Finding the perfect pool is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. Can you break down your process from start to finish on what you go through to find a pool?
I dont wanna give all my secrets away, haha. I usually just like to follow the urban sprawl. Where ever they are building new communities or in the process of, you will usually find some of the original big properties and in different states of abandonment. The foothills of any mountain range.

Do you hold back on showing the better ones on your Insta, just to keep to yourself?
We know how fast an Instagram spot can blow out into the most searched thing ever. It really depends on the situation. If it’s something I’ve found or came across on my own I dont worry about it too much. I just try to not give away too many clues in the pic where it might be. There is def a protocol when other people take you somewhere or give you the spot, it doesn’t take much to get a bunch of dudes pissed at you online these days haha.

Who are the usual “suspects” you go out with?
I ride with Rooftop and Lazer the most, but also get out with Brian Terada,Rick Thorne and Johnny Kilmer whenever our schedules permit.

“The yard and inside of the house had a bunch of mannequins half stuffed in garbage bags”

I’ve heard some horror stories of how some abandoned homes are way too spooky to enter, can you tell us some stories of the worst one that got you the goosebumps?
I’m really surprised we havent come up on a dead body yet. We had one that really gave me the creeps. It was an abandoned house in a neighborhood near Beverly Hills. Soon as we got in the yard I had the feeling somebody was watching us. The yard and inside of the house had a bunch of mannequins half stuffed in garbage bags which will make you jump when you come up on one around a corner. We rode for awhile but couldnt shake the feeling of being watched. When we were done riding i was poking around in the back corner of the yard and came across an operational make shift meth lab under some tarps. Pretty much got out of there as fast as possible,haha

Anyone that rides pools knows that videos and photos don’t do the tight trannies any justice, what do you think made pool riding come back into the limelight again in bmx?
I think there was a whole generation that grew up not really seeing it and now that its popular again kids wanna get out and try it to. It really just comes down to fun. The whole adventure or the hunt with your friends. Find one, get in, clean it out, ride it and get out clean. Can’t beat it.

In your eyes, what makes a great pool to ride?
I like anything with a good shallow end. I love stairs and shallow corner pockets and anything that just has good flow. Also a shallow and deep that you can drop into, I hate sitting in the shallow end and just hitting one wall in the deep end.

What one rider surprises you the most in pools, someone that instantly finds lines and starts plugging away at tricks?
Always Brian Terada. He is always chillin at the spot just walking around looking at the pool for awhile, then he just drops in and does something crazy, happens every time haha

“Find one, get in, clean it out, ride it and get out clean. Can’t beat it.”

Now that you’ve been around a lot of random pools, what’s the best one you rode and why?
The next one is always the best one. We did just ride one that was amazing though. Basically a mini version of a full sized pool. The deep was just over 6ft and the shallow had killer stairs and trannies. It was so tight it just shot you around so fast, I had never ridden one like that before.

Photos By: Mike Escamilla, Johnny Kilmer and Joey Cobbs





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