Drew has up a follow-up interview to his Arizona Highways video with this new DIG interview, Pick A Destination And Go. Great read and makes you want to get out of town and hit the open road to ride some new spots. Check out the whole interview here>>

“Travel and road trips are at the heart of what keeps many of us obsessed with BMX and is certainly responsible for a lot of my favorite stories and closest friendships. Tricks are great and all, but I know when I think back on my fondest memories the explorative aspect of the culture is usually to thank. The joy and anticipation that comes along with a car packed full of friends set out for the unknown is second to none. It’s easy to become complacent, ride your local parks and spots, find every excuse not to travel, but as Drew so eloquently put, it’s simple as “Pick a destination and go.” You’ll be glad you did.” – DIG

Tight tranny photo by Greg Moliterno



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