Palm Springs & Other Heterosexual Things.

On our journey back to California from Phoenix, Drew Hoss, Raban, & Myself decided to make a little pit stop in Palm Springs (aka God’s homosexual waiting room) for the night/next day of riding. Here’s a few thaaangs we got into for the day…

We rolled in around midnight and were greeted with this probably 70 plus foot statue of a 50’s woman. Raban obviously checked up her skirt in anticipation of the worlds largest female parts….nothing. What an amateur sculptor.

Raban’s ODI affiliate Josh Alderete was nice enough to show us around for the day, and brought us this sick triple rail setup. Watching Alex’s reactions to new and interesting rail setups never gets old…he’s like a kid in a candy store every time, & always can’t wait to figure out something to film. It’s awesome.

Meanwhile in the John Motta inspired mind of Drew, the tight fullpipes were callin’ him. We ended up filming an awesome high speed line dippin’ down into the depths of the big black tube. NH.

Come nightfall we hopped in the van and completed the rest of the drive back to Long Beach, but I actually ended up getting this little guy done along the way. Roller coaster of Luv.



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