Our Canadian brother man, Owen Dawson kills it in the new Atlantis Vancouver SPYGLASS video. Full of insane rail moves with that Owen swagger. Watch now!

“Spyglass” is the second full-length release from the Vancouver, B.C. based bike shop Atlantis Vancouver. Situated on the west coast and packed with an incredibly talented scene of locals, Vancouver is kind of like Canada’s Los Angeles. Filmed and edited by the talented local lensman Andrew Schubert (who also has an amazing section), this video is a raw and real representation of BMX riding with your best buds, and it’s all shot on the trusty VX so you know it’s crunchy.

Owen Dawson might be the youngest member of the crew, but his section is probably my personal favorite in the video… swag on top of swag. Owen just has that effortless style that makes even the biggest big rails and hubbas look like child’s play, and the reggae track vibes fit too perfectly.