Owen Dawson Welcome Bike Check

Today is good day, we are stoked to finally welcome Canadian rail slayer Owen Dawson to the International Team. Our distributor in Canada, Killemall, recommended that Owen would be a good fit for the international Volume team and we couldn’t agree more. He built up fellow Canadian Jason Enns’ signature Cerberus frame with a handful of other new Volume goods. Owen has been stacking clips for his Welcome Edit, so be on the look out for that soon! View the full gallery and get a run down of his whip after the jump.

Frame: Volume Cerberus 21”
Fork: Division brand formosa
Bars: Volume Mad Dog 4-PC
Grips: Division brand sierra
Stem: Volume VLM
Headset: Division brand
Rims: Demolition
Front Hub: Division brand
Rear Hub: Demolition Rotator
Tires: Volume Vader
Seat:Volume VLM tripod
Seat Post: Demolition tripod
Pedals: Demolition Trooper Plastic
Cranks: Division brand
Sprocket: Colony Guard
BB: Demolition
Chain: Volume VLM 1/2 link
Pegs: Division brand pegs x 4

Owen’s Division Brand Edit from last year…



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