Erik Orgo OnWheels Through Barcelona

OnWheels, our distributor in Estonia, recently took a quick trip over to Spain to escape the cold weather at home. They spent two weeks riding, filming, and partying in Barcelona with 5 riders, including our international rider Erik Orgo. Check out some rad photos of Erik and a full story about the trip after the jump and also keep an eye out for the edit dropping next month.

Our BMX team is back home from the “OnWheels Through Barcelona” tour / powered by Monster Energy. As soon as the weather got bad in Estonia, our boys took their bikes and flew to the BMX mecca Barcelona. Our goal was to have as much fun as we can while shooting a banger tour video. Mission accomplished for sure!

First couple of days we mostly chilled out just to get used to the hot weather and the massive spots. we also visited all those amazing tourist attractions, such as the church of Sagrada Familia, the tower of Torre Agbar, the arch of Arc de Triomf and many-many more. Tripping around with the crew, exploring the city is the best thing ever!

Soon we started filming for the tour video and sh*t got pretty-wild-pretty-fast. Talis, Eki, Rain, Rasmus and others started killing every single spot we found. Great footage piled up quickly and the boys were non-stop. As soon as we got tired of riding, we reached out for our tour sponsor Monster Energy and the beast was once again unleashed.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the trip, our main man Rasmus Paimre got injured really bad while attempting a huge 180 over the handrail and was out for the rest of the tour. All the best and get well soon homie!

After a long day of exploring, riding and shooting for the video, we usually went to the beautiful beach of Barcelona, had a couple of cold beers and hung out with the local riders. It is truly amazing to see so much raw talent in this city. These guys really ride with soul. The most passionate one (in my opinion) about BMX was a Barcelona localripper Daian, who hung out with us a lot. He showed us all the hidden spots and helped to fix our bikes. Thank you so much man, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Days went by way too fast and without even understanding it, it was time for us to film the last bangers and head home. We were all so stoked about the place, that it was a little sad to leave. Two of our boys, Talis Viirpalu and Arto Arukuusk loved the place so much, that they decided to stay there for another month. Check out what they’re up
to right now at Instagram (@talisviirpalu and @Artoday).

Truly amazing two weeks filled with riding, filming and partying. The things we love to do the most! OnWheels would like to thank Monster Energy for supporting us all the way through and making all this possible.

Video will be out in December, featuring: Talis Viirpalu, Erik Orgo, Rain Randväli, Enrico Orobko & Rasmus Paimre!

Photos by Rene Lutterus.



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