Mini Updates From The Road: Alex Platt In The Central Coast.


With our big San Antonio trip about to kick off this week, (and because I can’t just not hang out with Alex Raban) Platt and I really wanted to try to wrap up this welcome video and felt that another trip up to Rabanville was in order. Aaron Smith is also along for the ride to work on an upcoming Demolition edit as well as everyone’s favorite internet loud mouth Adam Grandmaison, who also happened to take this here iPhone snap of Alex putting in work yesterday right out of the van…

Raban getting that DSLR second angle. DSLRs may or may not be against my religion, but we’ll let it slide this time…

After seeing Platt so effortlessly execute a very dangerous maneuver, Raban thought he’d step to a very different task on the rail in the background. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with the same degree of ease, however we did walk away with a nice bronze glow for the ladies, and this sweet photo of some gold against some green.

Ever the best host, to drown his clip sorrows Raban decided to retreat back to his natural habitat for the evening and prepare a delicious 30 inch pizza for the whole crew to devour….and damn was that shit good! More tomorrow!



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