Lost SLC Photos.

05.10.13 VBC101
I was going thru some folders from Raban and I’s mini trip to Salt Lake City a month ago and I thought I’d throw some of the better ones up on the blog here. Roll wit us…

05.06.13 VBC136
Tate’s riding is like a giant game of mousetrap. Them boys up to no good.

05.12.13 VBC106
Raban playing with this wallride to and flirting with grind possibilities.

05.08.13 VBC119
The crew waiting out the storm of doom at a pool somewhere in the mountains.

05.09.13 VBC121
How to film like a G. Kids, throw away that stupid glide cam…

05.10.13 VBC122
All White Bricks.

05.06.13 VBC118
All photos by this gal. I guess it would be a lot weirder if she grew up at Woodward and couldn’t ollie. Thanks for the snaps Marg!



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