Long Weekend Warriors.

Since nobody involved here actually has a traditional job, Alex Platt and I decided to make up our own long ‘weekend’ by starting on Saturday night with a 4 hour trek up to Alex Raban-ville in the California’s central coast to hang out with Verve Energy spokesman Victor Galindo, and of course Chef Chachi himself. This handsome no-eyebrow’d human above was not involved in our trip, but literally every time we go up there we see him standing on a corner reading passages from the bible at traffic, or perhaps examining tree bark and taking notes. Also, Raban may or may not be friends with this lunatic. Now, on to the good stuff…

I was super stoked to get some clips of my own this time around, and this tree spine setup in Santa Barbara was first on my list to get back to. Obviously not the best run-in but it’s nothing a couple sand bags and some found wood couldn’t fix. It’s always nice when an idea works out…take a stab at the move in the comments if you want.

SB is filled with some hidden jems that’s for sure. However, although this spot may look amazing, it actually has round-topped bolts that stick out every 8 inches or so all the way down both surfaces…making for a bumpy ride and a lot of noise. Here at Volume we love and interesting challenge like that though, and Raban stepped to the task with the works most obnoxious icepick to second bench surprise in a high speed line. #greatclips

A two clip day for me is pretty much unheard of at this point in my filming career. Really if I even think about getting two clips in one day, I get a headache. Nah, not really….but I was really happy with this pole jam find in Santa Barbara. Pop off the concrete piece to pole jammin salmon.

Little victor was very upset that he was not invited on the current ‘Tabes For Babes’ tour, so he decided to practice in hopes of getting invited on the next one. Maybe one day he too can have his own RV with his Instagram name on the side.

Alex F#$%*&G Platt ladies and gentelmen. I’ll let you street dream on what was accomplished here, however I am almost certain that you will be incorrect. If I saw a photo of this setup, I probably wouldn’t think it was even possible either. Bangers.

Two gold, Two black…..4 damn sexy looking whips. Burr-Mute-Uhh. Go get yaself one!



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