L.A. To Vegas! Day 1 Of The Volume Trip

So today was the first day of the trip to Colorado. We stopped in Barstow, Ca to Amuerte BMX to hang out for a while and shred a bit with the locals. They took us over to the local park to ride. It was a awesome time! After we left we made our way to Vegas for the night! Tomorrow if you’re out here come hang out with us at Just BMX . Check some photo’s after the jump.

Pat, Stevie, And Drew hanging out.

Matty getting his ice on.

The park was pretty slippery but that didn’t stop Pat from going upside down.

New pair of bars!

Drew is always getting flats, 2 already.

Stevie got attacked by fire ants while he was chilling in the grass.

It got wild during the product toss.


We are livin that Vegas life tonight! Boom!



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